Township Tour

Township Tour

Half Day or Full Day


- Visit an informal settlement where we meet a local guide who conducts the tour.

- A guided walk will be done through the informal settlement (shanty town) where you can interact with the residents and visit some in their homes.
- Visit the local shebeen ( pub ) , visit the children at play school ,  and help the locals financially by browsing through their informal and formal markets , and possibly buying some goods.

- Also visit an outlet trading in ‘ smileys ‘, a traditional delicacy .

All of the above visits are dependant on the day of the week , and other factors such as weather.

Tourists are made to feel welcome by the local people, who thrive on photographs (especially when they are sent back to them). This tour is an eye opener and will give you an insight into how around 35% of South Africans live.
- You may opt for the additional visit to Robben Island,at an additional fee .
- The island tour is a total of 3.5 hours,consisting of a boat ferry ride,a guided drive on the island, and a walking tour of the prison complex.
- Ex political prisoners are the guides on the island.

Fees exclude lunch costs (Full Day)


Walking tour Yes
Township Shopping Yes
Shebeen/pub Visit Yes
Meet The Locals Yes

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In South Africa, the term township and location usually refers to the (often underdeveloped) urban living areas that, from the late 19th century until the end of Apartheid, were reserved for non-whites (black Africans, Coloureds and Indians). Townships were usually built on the periphery of towns and cities. The term township also has a distinct legal meaning, in South Africa's system of land title, that carries no racial connotations.

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