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Cape Town Weather

Western Cape Climate


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A moderate climate is experienced in the Western Cape.

Summer months are December to February Temperatures average between 15-28 degrees centigrade. Generally dry with windy spells.

Winter months are June to August - Temperatures average between 7-20 degrees centigrade. Rainfall is concentrated in this period. Cape Town gets an average of 545mm of rain a year over an average of 107 days.

The Western Cape is also diverse climatologically, with many distinct micro- and macroclimates created by the varied topography and the influence of both the Indian (warm water) and Atlantic (cold water) oceans, thus climatic statistics can vary wildly over very short distances. Most of the province is considered to have a Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The interior Karoo has a semi-arid climate with cold, frosty winters and hot summers with occasional thunderstorms. The Garden Route and the Overberg on the south coast have a maritime climate with cool, moist winters and mild, moist summers. Mossel Bay in the Garden Route is considered to have the second mildest climate worldwide after Hawaii.

Thunderstorms are generally rare in the province, except in the Karoo interior, with most precipitation being of a frontal or orographic nature. Extremes of heat and cold are common inland, but rare near the coast. Snow is a common winter occurrence on the higher lying ground, however frost is relatively rare in coastal areas and many of the heavily cultivated valleys.

Cape Town Int’l Airport averages:
January maximum: 26°C (min: 16°C), July maximum: 18°C (min: 7°C), annual rainfall: 515mm

Kirstenbosch: Cape Town annual rainfall: 1395mm
George averages: January maximum: 25°C (min: 15°C), July maximum: 19°C (min: 7°C), annual rainfall: 715mm

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